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SWAT-EM is a software for designing and analyzing winding systems for electrical machines. Currently supported are rotating field windings (permanent-magnet motors, induction motors, synchronout reluctance motors) with any number of phases. This can be distributed full pitch or fractional slot winding or tooth-coil winding. The design can be done by

  • Generating with manual allocation of the coil sides to stator slots

  • Defining individual number of turns for each coil

  • Automatic winding generators

  • Tables of possible winding systems for slot/pole combinations

Analyzing features

  • Calculation of the winding factor based on the voltage star of slots

  • Plot of the winding layout

  • Plot of stator ampere-conductor distribution and the magnetomotive force (MMF)

  • Plot of the slot voltage phasors

  • Plot of the winding factor

  • Max. possible number of parallel circuit connection of coils

There are two ways how to use SWAT-EM:

  • Working with the graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Working with python-API

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