There are different ways to install SWAT-EM.

Installer on Windows

SWAT-EM is based on python3 interpreter and some additional libraries. If you haven’t this on your computer the easiest way is to download the SWAT-EM installer from: Start the installer and follow the instruction. No further work is necessary. After installation the program can be startet by double-clicking the Desktop-Icon or with the entry in the start menu.


Use this install method if you are on LINUX or macOS or if you still have an python3 environment with pip on your computer. SWAT-EM is hosted on the Python Package Index (pip). To install open a terminal on your computer and type

pip install swat-em

pip will install all necessary dependencies.

From source

The source an be downloaded from and installed from the project root directory:

$ python install

Run the programm

Run the programm with graphical user interface by starting it from the command line:


or with:


under windows. If you have installed swat-em with the windows installer you can use the desktop icon to start.